October 3



Course fee: £140 Tutor: Rachel Hutton

This one day course will explore the use of a variety of bee related products for cosmetics  and  household items. We will be using some products harvested form our own bees here at Ecclesall Woods. You will take home a number of different items based on the season you attend the course.

You will learn practical tips and techniques on:

  • how to select, harvest, dry/prepare and store materials/seasonal availability  and  working with the seasons
  • how to infuse oils
  • use of essential oils, fragrance oils and flavour oils
  • types  and  colours of beeswax and their uses
  • how to adapt and change recipes to suit individual needs (e.g.: vegans, nut intolerances etc.)
  • where to buy ingredients  and  responsible sourcing of them
  • packaging options and shelf life
  • how to make a range of seasonally appropriate cosmetic/household  products which may include some of the following:
    • glycerine soaps  nd liquid soaps
    • cold process soaps
    • shampoo  and  conditioner bars
    • balms  and  body/lip butters/salves
    • men’s grooming products
    • room scenters/purifiers
    • beeswax melts
    • wood board  and  spoon butters
    • poured, rolled  and  dipped candles  and  luminaires
    • conditioner  and  massage bars
    • wood waxes  and  polishes
    • dubbin/leather conditioners
    • PPE (personal protective equipment) selection  and  use
    • health  and  safety related to making beauty/household products

Please note we have in-depth one day soap making courses too. This course has 2 elements a Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter elements. Both are standalone courses  and  will cover different aspects.

You will need to bring a wipe clean apron, wear covered shoes  and  have clothing which covers your arms. Please be aware that this course will use Citrol and  should not be attended by those with a Citrol allergy.

At Ecclesall Woods we pride ourselves on the high quality teaching from our tutors  and  our low class numbers (max 5 for most classes)  and  a number of our courses also have an assistant.

We have found that smaller class sizes are more productive, un-rushed and allow students to learn more

You will need to wear suitable clothing  and  footwear for working outdoors in this season.