October 30



Course fee: £270.00 Tutor: Dave Jackson

This two day course will introduce you to the traditional art of green wood craft.

Green wood is freshly felled, still sappy wood. To work it requires a set of simple techniques based on an understanding of how wood reacts – both to the tools,  and  to the dry  and  shrinking process. The wood is soft  and  easy to work with hand tools and can utilise small trees  and  log with minimal wastage. It is therefore green in all senses of the word. Rustic stools are made from cleft timber which is worked and shaped with axes  and a drawknife. This makes a very simple stool and is a great course to develop your greenwood craft skills, either as a hobby, or the first steps on a new craft career.

Over the course of the two days you will experience:

Day 1

  • the various types of tools used in greenwood craft, such as a drawknife, splitting axe, froe  and  carving knife  and  understand how to use them safely  and  effectively
  • the art of ‘cleaving’ which is splitting down wood into workable sections
  • the use of cleaving breaks  and  shaving horses: what they are  and  how they can be of use

Day 2

  • hand tools  and  equipment
  • basic sharpening
  • use of the pole lathe
  • the making of a rustic stool, having ‘tasted’ the use of various equipment and tools used in greenwood craft

There may also be time to create a simple spatula, mallet or other carved item or have a go at pole lathing.

At Ecclesall Woods we pride ourselves on the high quality teaching from our tutors  and  our low class numbers (max 5 for most classes)  and  a number of our courses also have an assistant.

We have found that smaller class sizes are more productive, un-rushed and allow students to learn more.

You will need to wear suitable clothing  and  footwear for working outdoors in this season. Steel toe cap boots would be advantageous if you have them, but are not essential. Please note this course will require a high level of manual dexterity on your fingers and is physically demanding.